Roman Romero Lopez

The planning of 10 million pesos of the budget approved for the year 2023 in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, will make it possible to continue with the Program for the Transformation of Neighborhoods and Communities, which contemplates a total of 40 actions in four of the six popular councils of that town.

Máximo Ojeda Pérez, member of the Permanent Work Commission for Attention to Economic Affairs and Construction Programs of the Municipal Assembly of Popular Power (AMPP), pointed out that these funds will be used to solve problems in housing, urban planning and basic services.

“With citizen participation, work will be carried out in the East, West, Turiguanó and Patria popular councils, which will cover eight communities and one neighborhood, in addition to responding to proposals from voters in five constituencies,” he commented.

Likewise, resources and efforts will be used to improve the quality of life in settlements in vulnerable conditions, including Fajardo, La Serrana, La Garita, El Palmar, La Madrid, Santa Bárbara, Edén, El Embarcadero and El Paraíso, the most located in rural areas.

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