Llamil Ruiz González

The Chair for the Elderly has become one of the most effective experiences to improve both the mental and physical health of the elderly in our country, which at the same time could be considered a necessity given the process of population aging that It affects our country.

Regarding its beginning in Ciudad del Gallo, Neisy Pérez Hernández, head of University Extension at the Benito Llanes Recino Municipal University Center, explained that it dates back to September 30, 2002, and from the very beginning professors from the Josefa Báez Luya, Miriam García Cabrera, Juan Carlos Espinosa Trujillo and Osmel de Ávila Brito, among others.

Regarding the ways to enroll in the Chair for the Elderly and thus acquire the necessary knowledge to face a stage of life in which all people can continue to feel useful and fulfilled, Pérez Hernández stated that the only condition is to be motivated and go to the Municipal University Center or approach any of the professors of the same.

Without a doubt, the Chair for the Elderly is currently a way to live and grow old to the full in a country like ours, where the elderly already exceed 20 percent of the total population; a reality that we must face every day with all the tools that this experience makes available to the Cuban family.

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