LLamil Ruiz González

Despite the fact that in Morón there are many industries that contribute to the development of the local and national economy, without a doubt the Turiguanó Genetic Livestock Company takes top honors in a long-term career that should lead us towards a more prosperous future. and sustainable, thanks to its corporate purpose.

Luis Alberto Nieves Surí, director of this entity explained that its main objective is the reproduction and development of cattle of the Santa Gertrudis breed, obtaining specimens of high genetic value for artificial insemination and the commercialization of the cuts of these animals in the tourism sector.

To carry out this work, the company has almost 400 workers including managers, cadres, specialists, technicians and workers directly linked to livestock and production processes, with the responsibility of safeguarding the more than 4,000 animals that make up the herd.

Hence the importance of the Turiguanó Genetic Livestock Company in import substitution, a result that works in favor of our economic and social development, and that should contribute to the economic recovery of the country while increasing its contribution to the achievement of our food sovereignty.

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