LLamil Ruiz González

 Among the responsibilities of the Company for the Protection of Flora and Fauna in the municipality of Morón is the safeguarding of the entire territory that includes the Great Northern Wetland of Ciego de Ávila, an intricate site that increases the challenge of the workers and specialists from this body.

According to the statements of José Ramón Leiva Vilanova, a worker at the Humedal Grande Base Business Unit, the main objectives of the company are fundamentally aimed at avoiding the illegal felling of trees, the poaching of animals and the prevention and/or extinction of forest fires.

Although Flora and Fauna workers are not empowered to impose fines, their work on environmental education bears increasingly tangible results and, according to Leiva Vilanova, infractions have decreased significantly in the wetland area.

The work of the Company for the Protection of Flora and Fauna is vital for the conservation of the Environment, especially today, when our country is increasingly threatened by the effects of climate change and the predatory action of man.

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