Author: Leonel Iparraguirre González

Faced with the need to achieve food sovereignty, the education sector in the Avilanian municipality of Morón had an immediate response with the creation of productive gardens or school plots, as they are also called in some schools in the territory.

In correspondence with the areas available in each school, crops have been promoted, such as viands, vegetables, vegetables, condiments and in some cases medicinal plants.

The teachers and service personnel of the José Martí elementary school, with the contribution of community residents, did not take long to prepare a piece of land adjacent to the garden located next to the bust of the National Hero.

“It is a narrow strip of land, but of considerable length, where we have various plantations interspersed in the banana plantation, such as sweet potato, garlic, beans, and yucca,” said Rafaela Sifontes, a teacher at that school.

Already in that area the first fruits are appreciated, such as bunches of bananas and the sweet potato flourishes, said this educator with a long career in the teaching profession.

Other schools, such as the Frank País Polytechnic, the Raúl Gómez Special School, the Antonio Maceo and Alberto Delgado semi-schools, have productive areas under development.