Colab: Nancy Hernández and Alejandro Cosme

The cordial attention and good treatment characterize the service in the State Agricultural Market number four, called La Zanahoria, located at the intersection of Serafina and Seis streets, in the Avilanian municipality of Morón.

For more than two months in that facility, there have been dissimilar products in high demand by the residents of the city of the rooster, which allows to solve the food deficit in the current stage.

In addition to the beauty and comfort of the establishment, the town appreciates the offer of each day, for its assortment, first-rate quality, as well as the prices.

Behind this excellent service is the effort of a significant group of insurers, in addition to such constant checking, timely planning and the sense of belonging of those who work there.

According to its administrator Verónica Almaguer Gerán, the group will continue determined to move forward, since it joins the territory that directs all efforts with an eye on food sovereignty.