Author: LLamil Ruiz González
March 16, 2021

The economic ordering process that our country is currently experiencing has become very complex, which shows that although it was essential to advance the national economy, it did not have all the elements that could come to light once implemented. According to the criteria of Marisleydis Fernández Lazo, coordinator of programs and objectives of the economy in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, the competent authorities are immersed in the observance of all the phenomena that the process has led to take the corresponding measures.

Precisely the impact of wholesale prices on the formation of retail prices has been one of the most questioned issues, due to its incidence in sectors such as commerce and gastronomy, which have already begun to undergo changes after the corresponding analyzes.

Fernández Lazo points out that this is a new process that has just begun and that, consequently, will lead to great changes whenever necessary, for which we work tirelessly using the criteria of the people as a fundamental measure.