Author: Leonel Iparraguirre González
March 16, 2021

Among the multiple actions that occupy the staff of the Municipal Education Directorate in Morón, in the midst of the current epidemiological situation that has forced a different way of acting, the attention to the worker continues latent, as a way of stimulating and recognizing the efforts , both from teachers and non-teachers.

During this complex juncture, the corresponding coordination has been established so that workers are made viable the acquisition of personal hygiene modules, electrical appliances, motors and other means, with priority on access to shopping centers, as has also happened with other sectors, such as Health, Culture and Sports.

With the most recent action, dozens of educators in the municipality were facilitated with the acquisition of queen and rice cookers, in high demand in stores enabled for sale by magnetic cards, gestures that have a particular impact among workers in the sector.