Author: Héctor Izquierdo Acuña
March 9, 2021

The completion of the productions contracted by the Ministry of Health, is a priority of the workforce of the Base Business Unit number 6, Taller de Confecciones Trebol, of the Avilanian city of Morón, to comply with the goals set for the period.

With a daily average of more than 350 units, at present, and since last February, the center is involved in the manufacture of surgeons’ gowns, caps and nasobucos, destined for the health system of the entire country.

Likewise, they are working on the manufacture of waitress shirts and blouses, destined for the Ministry of Tourism, and although it was affected by the pandemic, the effort of the group has made it possible to maintain vitality in production.

Characterized by the optimal quality of its clothing, the workshop has 87 workers, most of them women, who are committed to complying with all work orders, as well as the assigned value plan.