LLamil Ruiz González

Among the objectives of the Environmental Strategy of the municipality of Morón until the year 2025, the implementation of adaptation measures to the impacts of climate change stands out as a way to contribute to the development of fundamental economic activities and land use planning.

This was stated by the Master of Science Zulima Díaz Montes, representative of the CITMA Capacity Building Center in the territory, who also added that the aforementioned strategy seeks to guarantee a rational use of natural resources and the conservation of ecosystems, with the consequent mitigation of environmental problems that affect the municipality.

Likewise, it advocates the effective application of environmental policy and management instruments as a support in decision-making, and the increase in actions that allow reaching higher levels in terms of the integral environmental culture of the population with emphasis on the new forms of economic management.

The Strategy of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Morón, is the governing document of environmental policy in the municipality, and establishes the principles on which its work is based, in addition to integrating efforts, evaluating results and establishing priorities to improve the protection of the environment, the quality of life and the rational use of nature in a more sustainable context.

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