Llamil Ruiz González

The state of the coastal lagoons in the Jardines del Rey archipelago constitutes one of the main work objectives of the Coastal Ecosystem Research Center, a scientific institution located in the municipality of Morón, in Ciego de Avila, given its importance for the tourism industry and the protection of the environment.

According to the specialists of this scientific institution belonging to the Cuban Environment Agency, the research focuses on the study of excess nutrients contributed by human activity in these coastal ecosystems, as well as its influence on fish populations.

The results of the investigation show that the excess of nutrients causes a notable increase in the number of specimens but with similar functions within the system, which is why they would be exposed in the presence of large-scale meteorological phenomena or any other situation that could affect said habitat. .

These scientific results must call the attention of the competent authorities with decision-making power so that the fragility of our environment and the effect of human beings on it do not become a boomerang against man’s own survival.

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