Roman Romero Lopez

Representatives of local development projects (PDL) of the Avilanian municipality of Morón, reaffirmed their social character and carried out an altruistic gesture by donating food and personal hygiene products to nine children with oncological conditions and 32 suffering from infantile cerebral palsy.

Idilexis Morales Fajardo, head of the MSME El Pino Atrevido and the PDL San Juan, considered that the initiative demonstrates the potential of the new economic actors and how much they can do by uniting to improve the quality of life of people in vulnerable conditions.

She expressed her satisfaction for supporting these children and, in some way, contributing to making their lives more pleasant.

Pedro Ángel Lau Rodríguez, representative of the PDL El Rancho de Rafaela, expressed that he wants to join, systematically, in the help offered in Morón territory to infants who are struggling, together with their families, to survive illnesses such as cancer.

He added, on behalf of his entrepreneurial colleagues, that they will always be aware of problems and situations of this nature to contribute to the affected people.

The holders of the aforementioned PDL and others such as Delavida, Jabones Ferrales, La Catrina and Charcutería La Suprema, dedicated to the artisanal manufacture of soaps, catering services and sale of processed meats, respectively, made the delivery in the company of a representation of the Municipal Assembly of Popular Power (AMPP).

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