By Arquímedes Romo Pérez

Between 1955 and 1956, the CMJP returned to the city of El Gallo, now with the name of “Radio Cuba de Morón” and in the Amplitude Modulated band (previously it had been Short Wave) which is chaired by Armando Andrés Jiménez and Gustavo Cruz Ramírez, owners of the Radio Cuba station in Ciego de Ávila (now Radio Surco).

It is insistently commented that in the face of the projected political farce known as “the Rivero Agüero elections” of 1958, conceived to legitimize the Batista dictatorship, important local politicians are trying to design an electoral advertising campaign on the Radio Morón station and the administration of This one, already committed to the revolutionary struggle, does not accept such a political proposal, which determines that the interested parties choose to install a new station that guarantees the campaign, which is born and launches its signals under the direction of the journalist Enrique Sorí.

Logically, the editorial policy of the new station is totally attached to the dictatorial system of the moment, although the personnel responsible for its operation do not fully share such alignment. It is noteworthy that already in 1958 the station is practically a revolutionary cell in which most of the collective are included. Such is the prevailing situation that changes are produced, even in its direction. Although today we lack exact information on the official artistic talent of the P, we remember those who made radio in it and later shone in the medium, such as sound producers Héctor López Cardoso and Miguel Cubiles, and announcers Ernesto Medialdea, Edel Morales Borroto, Héctor Alvarez, Raúl Bolufé and Edel Fernández Venegas, who are voluntarily joined by several young students with artistic concerns, among them Armando Ledón Sánchez, who at one point in this story, assumes the highest responsibility of the station , after dressing in olive green. This third station in the Ciudad del Gallo, disappeared with the rearrangement of Cuban radio and the rise of the ICR.

In this group, Edel Fernández Venegas, a very modest and industrious young man who learns something about radio from his amplification equipment, who travels daily through the streets of the city in a car, disseminating the most popular announcements, is worth noting for his political leadership. interest of the moment, such as the presentation of shows, popular festivals, special sales in shops, sports events, etc. Here, on Radio Cuba de Morón, he consolidates his concerns as a presenter and at the same time I am able to learn many important things at that time for those who, like him, have clandestine political responsibilities.

Edel Fernández Venegas remains at the microphone of the regime’s radio station until the siege of his person prevents him and, as a young man committed to the revolutionary struggle, he goes to the mountains and joins the armed rebellion, in which he He maintained it until January 1, 1959, when together with his companions he entered the city victorious.

With the triumph, he returns to his station, which he occupies administratively, by order of the revolutionary movement. He remains in charge of it until the reordering of Cuban radio takes place and later the creation of the Cuban Institute of Radio Broadcasting (ICR). when, due to his status as a combatant, announcer and connoisseur of the medium, he was appointed the first Provincial Director of Radio in Camagüey.

He has held this important position for many years, with highly recognized experiences, however, due to health problems he must return to his hometown, on which occasion he joins the artistic talent of CMJX Radio Morón as a presenter and remains there. until his retirement. At the distance of sixty years the name of Edel Fernández Venegas, is something very similar to a historical symbol of the radio and locution in Morón.

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