LLamil Ruiz Gonzalez

In accordance with the environmental strategy designed in the Avilanian municipality of Morón for the period between 2021 and 2025, Environmental Education is aimed at showing how natural environments work and, in particular, how human beings can control ecosystems to live in a sustainable way.

This was expressed by the master of science Zulima Díaz Montes, representative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the City of Gallo, who pointed out that in this way work is done to minimize degradation, air, water and soil contamination as well as threats to biodiversity.

Díaz Montes added that the Environmental Education actions included in the municipality’s strategy are aimed at increasing knowledge, sensitivity and improving the quality of life of the population, and are supported by the processes of education, training and formation, in which involve the main institutions that support education and communication in the territory.

In the current strategic cycle, environmental activity focuses on adaptability to climate change, corporate environmental management, both state and non-state, and issues related to the environmental situation of the municipality, emphasizing protected areas, soil polygons and hazard, vulnerability and risk studies.

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