Leonel Iparraguirre González

The work carried out by the Association of Pedagogues of Cuba during 2022, in municipalities on the northern slope of the province of Ciego de Ávila, was the object of analysis and reflection at the Balance Assembly, held in the city of Morón.

Outstanding achievements of the 22 grassroots groups were in that period the growth in the number of members, which now amounts to 2,498 associates, an aspect where the Rafael Morales Pedagogical School, the group from the University of Ciego de Ávila, obtained the best results, Cyrus

The participants in the balance evaluated the results of the work in the investigative management as negative and in this regard approved new projections for the next stage, and the support of the media in the dissemination of the Association’s activities was highlighted.

At the end of the Balance, recognitions were given to Morón and to the Faculty of Medical Sciences of this city for the most comprehensive work of the association.

Bolivia and Florencia were outstanding, and individual recognitions such as Forjadores del Futuro and Distinguished Educators were also given to various colleagues for their unconditional dedication to the process of training the new generations.

The distinction for the Work of Life was awarded to Ileana Menéndez Fernández, from the municipality of Morón.

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