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Achieving the effective introduction of scientific and technological results to production and services, constitutes one of the objectives of the environmental strategy designed in the municipality of Morón in Ciego de Avila for the period 2021-2025, which should raise the quality of life of the population.

According to the statements of the master of science Zulima Díaz Montes, representative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the territory, its impact on the protection and conservation of the environment is also expected, as one of the immediate tasks, as demanded by the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines approved at the Sixth Party Congress.

Díaz Montes adds that in accordance with the environmental strategy of the municipality, the evaluation of environmental impacts as a process has played a fundamental role in the development of the Jardines del Rey tourist resort despite the difficulties it faces to establish itself as an indispensable tool due to the high costs. partners and the lack of a unified methodology.

Regardless of all the objective and subjective problems that affect compliance with the environmental strategy in the municipality of Morón, various studies have been carried out, such as hazard, vulnerability and risk, which have contributed to raising the knowledge of decision-makers in different socioeconomic sectors, even when the derived recommendations are not always included in the plans of the economy.

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