LLamil Ruiz González

The La María farm, located in the Southern Popular Council of the Avilanian municipality of Morón, has become a benchmark in terms of the use of agroecological practices, which guarantees healthier productions, the protection of the environment and the saving of considerable foreign currency to the country. for the concept of import substitution.

According to Idelfonso Clero Hernández, owner of the farm and associate of the Cooperativa de Creditos y Servicios Rescate de Sanguilí, with the use of humus and earthworm leachate as organic fertilizers, inputs of chemical origin are replaced while contributing to maintain both human and environmental health.

The agronomist also adds that in the case of leachate, its fungicidal properties are used, which has provided excellent results on their land in the recovery of guava, banana, coffee and melon plantations, among others, an added value given the economic situation that crosses the country, in which the use of natural products becomes a necessity and at the same time a strength.

That is why the owner of La María considers that it would be worth multiplying this experience in order to contribute to the development that the country demands and produce more food for the people that meets the quality and safety requirements provided by agroecological practices.

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