Llamil Ruiz González

During the current year and based on the new science policies, the Biofood Research Center, CIBA, an institution located in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, has worked on three projects with actions that respond to provincial priorities as well as the Cuban State Plan for confronting climate change, Life Task.

According to the declarations of the Master of Science Levis Valdés González, director of the center, TWO of the projects are associated with risk reduction programs and ONE with the environment and natural resources, taking into account the new scientific projection of the CIBA after its association with the Cuban Environment Agency (AMA).

In this way, it is guaranteed that scientific projects and services contribute to the improvement and development of the economy, society and the environment, raising the obtaining and application of results to a closed cycle, an indicator that is evaluated monthly in the Institutional Scientific Council and systematically controlled, especially the technical and financial execution.

Valdés González argued that the file in which the change of name and corporate purpose of the CIBA is requested is currently in the review phase, adjusted to the current development of scientific-technical projects and services, and taking into account that its link to the AMA implies a projection more attached to the protection of the environment, although without neglecting food production.

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