Leonel Iparraguirre González

The day of this Sunday, September 25, can be registered in the Avilanian municipality of Morón among the combative and historical, where the population over 16 years of age, responded with their presence in the 149 Electoral Colleges to exercise their right to vote for a Code of Families that represents rights, social equality, inclusion and tranquility.

Defying the presence of rains associated with Tropical Storm Ian, which travels slowly through the seas to the south of the island, men and women from this territory with capes and umbrellas arrived at their respective schools to comply with this important call.

This was done, for example, by María Caridad Reyes Martín, a young woman who, under a persistent drizzle, arrived at one of the schools in her constituency installed in a classroom of the Ignacio Agramonte Educational Institution, willing to say YES for the new Code of the Families.

Although the final calculations of the vote are still unknown, there were relevant actions during the day, as happened at the Angel Gutiérrez Rural School, of the community of Tuero in the El Vaquerito Popular Council, where a true cooperation of all the factors and neighbors in general.

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