Leonel Iparraguirre González

With a detailed analysis of food concepts, and the importance of achieving a nutritional balance in the educational sector, the Second Knowledge Construction Meeting on school feeding was held in Morón.

The meeting was attended by Noel Fundora Díaz, deputy director of Agriculture in Morón; Bartolo Menocal, President of the Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians; Ana María Pardo, deputy general director of Education in the territory and Roberto Menéndez, specialist in School Feeding in the Municipal Directorate of Education in Morón.

Particular attention was given to the information offered on nutritional problems, their causes and consequences, prevention of overweight and obesity in schoolchildren, and emphasis was placed on the possibility of carrying out exchanges with entities that have collaborated with the education sector in this appearance.

As part of the meeting, an action plan aimed at increasing self-consumption in this sector was presented and approved by the Municipal Education Working Group, leading to a balanced nutritional balance in school meals, together with individual habits and compliance with requirements in the preparation and cooking of the products.

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