Héctor Izquierdo Acuña

A process with the participation of cooperative members is developed by the National Association of Small Farmers, ANAP, of the Avilanian territory of Morón, with the purpose of deepening the articles of the Family Code Project.

Among the actions that take place, the discussion with the peasants on the importance of their participation in the referendum on September 25, a popular consultation aimed at the approval of the new Code, stands out, according to Froilán Sierra Viamonte, president of the ANAP in the location.

Sierra Viamonte pointed out that the Ministry of Agriculture is also supported in the process of renewing and/or ratifying the mandates of the boards of directors of the ten cooperatives in the territory, which will begin in Morón on October 4 at the CPA Enrique Varona, from Saladriga .

Likewise, a movement to beautify the CPAs was undertaken, as well as the improvement of the hygienic sanitary environment of the communities and the campaign against dengue is supported with the eradication of mosquito breeding sites.

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