Leonel Iparraguirre González

After the culmination of the vacation period, directors and members of the Board of Directors of the different educational institutions of the Avilanian municipality of Morón, joined their respective centers and ratified the commitment to achieve higher challenges.

Anatiel Mora, director of the Nguyen Van Troi Pre-University, in a first contact with her Board of Directors, raised among her objectives, to achieve a higher percentage of income from twelfth grade students to Higher Education.

She pointed out that during the vacations the reinforcement of the guard was maintained for the protection of material resources.

At the Benito Juárez Junior High School, the director Raúl García held an exchange with the Board of Directors in reduced composition and assured that among the challenges of the groups in this new stage are not only a change of image of the facility, but a change of mentality with a more energetic and creative action as required by current circumstances.

This campus was the object of a general repair with painting of classrooms and other premises, improvements to the sanitary facilities and changes in the sports areas.

Similar purposes prevail in primary education centers, where actions are intensified to resume the educational teaching process as of Monday, September 25.

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