Héctor Izquierdo Acuña

The strengthening of working links with universities, scientific centers, companies and the Environment Agency, AMA, are part of the challenges of the Biofood Research Center, CIBA, of the Avilanian city of Morón for the second half of this year.

Likewise, the need to finalize the financing for at least one international project, coordinated by that research center, is highlighted, in addition to aligning its scientific strategy with the objectives and strategic lines of the AMA.

Giving continuity to the introduction and generalization of scientific results in order to increase the role of knowledge networks, as well as their insertion in production and value chains, are part of the challenges that CIBA will face for the rest of the year.

Of great importance for the development of the Moronense territory is the contribution that this institution can give in favor of local development through scientific, technological and innovation activities that provide solutions to community development and the productive chain.

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