Leonel Iparraguirre González

A sports meeting in which children from the Down Syndrome Project, called Somos Felices Aqui, from the Raúl Gómez García Special School in the Avilanian city of Morón, participated together with students from the Antonio Maceo Semi-boarding School, made it possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of the programs that are applied in that institution for the development of people with these characteristics.

With the guidance of the teachers of that center, the children participated in different competitions, such as jumping, balance and other maneuvers with balls and ropes, which at the same time constituted a day of joy and fun.

Elsa Escobar Alfonso, a graduate in Physical Education who works at that school, states that the progress shown by the children since joining the project is evident, while Aidé Hernández Castellanos, an eighth grade teacher, reports that they have participated in different events, such as the Class Festival and sporting events where they have obtained positive results.

Yunier Drullet, director of the Raúl Gómez School, said that the center houses an enrollment of 74 children, 19 of them boarders and the rest semi-boarders.

He pointed out that 23 students of that institution are currently passing through the fourth cycle, which represents being incorporated into social and work life, in groups such as cookie and noodle factories, others in the school garden and a girl who does it as a receptionist in the school itself.

Beatriz Laceira is the promoter of the Project We Are Happy Here with Down Syndrome children and she is satisfied with the results of the project, although she hopes to improve much more.

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