Héctor Izquierdo Acuña

Of great importance for women in need of advice, emotional support, counseling or psychological guidance, is the work carried out by the House of Orientation for Women and Families, of the Federation of Cuban Women, FMC, considers psychology graduate Arianne Morales Red.

Since one arrives at the House, one realizes the link between the FMC, and psychological care and its social component, hence our work has a lot of weight to help families in need of support, explained Arianne, who has 17 years of professional experience.

It is the case that women are sometimes silent, and keep those problems of violence within the family, or difficulties with a partner or communication, or those who have not internalized that they are being psychologically violated, are cases that we attend to at the House, he said Red Morales.

Likewise, through the Casa’s collaborators and coordinators, we serve schools where children with learning disorders or language difficulties are found, and if necessary, they are referred to child psychiatrists, speech therapists or other specialties, she commented.

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