Llamil Ruiz González

The new law of the system of natural resources and the environment that was recently approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power, has had a wide impact on those who are concerned and occupy themselves with the protection and maintenance of the natural assets that the country has for its modern and inclusive nature in terms of environmental law.

This is the opinion of Rolando Barroso Vargas, specialist of the territorial sub-delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Ciego de Ávila, who added that the new document is an achievement of Law 81 of the environment with the novelty of incorporating the environmental dimension to socio-economic projects, above all.

The specialist refers that for the municipality of Morón this new legislation is of great importance due to all the natural heritage that the territory has and the lack of environmental awareness that exists in the population, a situation that must be reversed to achieve sustainable development. and live in harmony with the environment.

It is then necessary to know the law in order to enforce it fully and with all the rigor that is needed, in order to recover, preserve and maintain a heritage that for a long time the human being has been in charge of irresponsibly destroying, but on which it also depends to guarantee his own survival.

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