Hector Izquierdo Acuña

The implementation of the new forms of work in the third educational improvement is progressing satisfactorily at the Roberto Rodríguez Basic Secondary School, ESBU, in the Avilanian city of Morón, where five fundamental components are being worked on.

The methodological work, the educational educational project, the group educational ones, the network work and the family-community relationship, and the institutional project of the center, are the main foundation on which the improvement in this educational center rests, declared Rafael Macías Macías, Director of ESBU.

The foregoing is based on complementary activities, Macías pointed out, where the potential of parents, teachers and community institutions and organizations are used, with the purpose of forming the vocation of the student body for the moment of choosing what to study. .

Today everything is part of the educational educational project, because it is from that point that all the aspirations of the students are collected to achieve student protagonism and their subsequent insertion in the different complementary activities of the center, explained Rafael Macías.

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