Hector Izquierdo Acuña

Dissimilar activities are carried out at the Roberto Rodríguez General Teaching Hospital, in the Avilanian city of Morón, with the purpose of increasing the number of doctors of science in that hospital institution, given the relevance that scientific development acquires in the country’s progress.

On the subject, the Doctor of Medical Sciences Luis Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez said that more than a dozen doctors participate in the training actions, for which the applicants must have reached an average of four, 50 or more in the race.

Research methodology, writing and style, social problems of science and technology, and English language are taught, with the aim of equipping those interested in achieving this scientific degree to be better prepared to face doctoral studies, he commented.

Participants must present to the Scientific Council the topics on which their doctoral thesis will deal, so that at the end of the studies they can have the basic elements to overcome the different doctorate minimums, as well as tools to carry out publications, Sánchez Rodríguez pointed out. .

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