LLamil Ruiz González

The importation of raw materials for the manufacture of solar heaters and plastic tanks in the Rensol Base Business Unit, should be completed in the second semester of the current year, which will increase its productions and profits, as well as its contribution to the economy. national.

Despite this, Rensol increases its alternative productions by taking advantage of idle and slow-moving raw materials, which guarantees job stability and the necessary contribution to the economy, according to the statements of Arley González Escalante, director of this industry located in the Avilanian municipality of Morón.

These productions were decisive for the fulfillment of the economic plan of the company, and among them stand out a considerable number of units and feeders for chickens and turkeys, in productive chains with the poultry company, trays for baking cookies, bread and sweets, in the food industry, and false ceilings for the repairs carried out in the Morón hospital.

Thus, the workers of the Rensol grassroots business unit look for alternatives that respond to the situation the country is going through in the economic order while they prepare for the manufacture of their main items once they have the necessary means to do so.