Leonel Iparraguirre González

To achieve more effective and direct attention with students and families, cadres of the Municipal Education Office, teachers, and the intervention of representations of mass organizations and community actors in the municipality of Morón, they work in the different Popular Councils to know concerns about the visualization of the Teleclasses and to provide them with the necessary help.

As explained by the Head of Education at the Round Table, this experience is applied in this municipality, after forming the structures required for the attention of students in the six Popular Councils of the Municipality, an aspect that was evaluated in a recent meeting of the Council of Directed and listed as an effective initiative.

Rolando González Pérez, Deputy Director of Education in Morón, explained in this regard that with this structure created at the Popular Council level, we are in a position to provide comprehensive monitoring of the situation of students at different educational levels and thus achieve immediate action to those who need it most and the family that requires some support ..

Omaida MoralesVergel, Head of the Primary Education level, stated that this alternative of approach to students through Popular Councils has been well received in the municipality, which will allow a successful closure of the 2021-2021 school year.