By Carlos González Ruiz

Eliminating formalities, avoiding obstacles and bureaucracy, working with intelligence and agility, are premises to be able to efficiently face the Ordering Task. The process started on the 1st. January 2021 stimulates productivity, performance, differentiates those who contribute the most and those who produce the most from a salary point of view.

In addition, it makes accounting transparent, allows establishing references based on international market prices, encourages exports, savings and national solutions, while continuing to defend the social conquests of the Revolution.

The Ordering Task requires working with precision, deepening the rules and being innovative and creative in the implementation of a process that reaches all people and all areas of society.

Wholesale and retail prices are still questioned, since in some cases there has been a lack of objectivity and coherence in their formation and approval, which has had a negative impact on the state of opinion of the people. However, there are products that, due to their high wholesale price, have a direct impact on trade.

A very positive aspect of the Ordering Task is the fact that job applications have increased considerably in the work directorates.

“People are realizing that it is necessary to work to have an income and to be able to lead a dignified life with their family,” said Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

“You have to understand the essence of the Task, what it implies, what is its importance and why we have to defend it together,” reflects the president.