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Caignet, musician and creator

By Marilys Suarez Moreno

Félix Benjamín Caignet Salomón is known for his song ‘Frutas del Caney’ and for the most famous Cuban novel of all time: ‘El Derecho de Nacer’, which gave him international fame. With this work he traveled in the 50s of the last century through dozens of Spanish-speaking countries, as well as the United States.



Agroecology bonanzas

By Carlos G. González Ruiz

Agroecology promotes agricultural production by conserving the basic natural resources of food production such as soil, water and biodiversity. This cultivation technique guarantees healthy productions and constitutes an alternative through which it is possible to achieve high yields.


Inside Story

Entrance of the mambises to Morón

Héctor Izquierdo Acuña

On November 12, 1898, the mambises entered Morón after the end of the War of Independence. They paraded sick, impoverished, with the humble clothes with which the dignity of the action dressed them, with the courage and emotion that the longed-for freedom that they honorably believed they had conquered overwhelmed them.