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Jardines del Rey

By Carlos González Ruiz

Jardines del Rey, is the most extensive and numerous of the four archipelagos that surround the island of Cuba. It is embraced in its northern portion by a barrier of coral reefs more than 400 kilometers long, considered among the most important on the planet along with the Great Australian Barrier Reef and the Great Mesoamerican Reef.



Outlook for 2023

Informative Writing

A minimum growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (at constant prices) of 3% is expected for 2023, based on the reactivation of national productive activities and a greater capture of foreign currency from exports, reported Alejandro Gil Fernández, vice prime minister and head of Economy and Planning (MEP).


Inside Story

Cuban Revolution, an urgent event


The history of Cuba in the 1950s must never be forgotten or even overlooked so that that system riddled with social inequalities, large-scale unemployment, illiteracy, overwhelming and shameful misery, corruption and repression never returns.