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Nazario talks about the pedraplén

By Iván Paz Nogueira

One of the builders of the Turiguanó-Cayo Coco pedraplén, Nazario Placencia Gutiérrez, recalls the heroism of the El Vaquerito contingent, who worked tirelessly to fulfill the task of the Commander-in-Chief, who indicated Here you have to throw stones without looking ahead.



Agroecology bonanzas

By Carlos G. González Ruiz

Agroecology promotes agricultural production by conserving the basic natural resources of food production such as soil, water and biodiversity. This cultivation technique guarantees healthy productions and constitutes an alternative through which it is possible to achieve high yields.


Inside Story

The incipient radio station in Morón

By Arquímedes Romo Pérez

~ The voice of Morón ~ born in April 1931, is inserted in the already traveled design of the precursors and maintains the traditional characteristics of the historical stage: short wave transmitter, without reproducing machines, absence of audio console and microphone of coal, through which all kinds of programs are carried out.