Katheri Ruíz Robaina

Students who are in the fourth year of the different specialties of pedagogical careers in the Ávila municipality of Morón, are inserted into teaching in the classrooms to cover the needs regarding teaching coverage.

Mayumi Valdés Aguilar, methodologist of Vocational Training and Pedagogical Professional Guidance in the territory, said that today there are 39 students from the training schools covering teaching as part of a strategy that the General Directorate of Education has taken in the province.

“We have 10 early childhood students, 12 from primary school, 2 from plastic arts and 2 from primary music, 2 from Special Education, 8 from Basic Secondary and 3 from art. For those who only have three frequencies per week, three are assigned. groups and for those with more than three frequencies, only two,” he explained.

“Each student is assigned a tutor who advises them on class planning, and how to function in front of a classroom, in addition to preparing them in practice for when they graduate and officially become part of educational centers,” said Valdés Aguilar. .

The 39 students will finish their course with a class discussion and in August 2024 they will join the classrooms as graduated and prepared teachers.

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