Llamil ruiz gonzalez

The agriculture delegation in the Avilanian municipality of Morón faces a new phase of work aimed at guaranteeing the production of the greatest amount of food consumed in the territory from the exploitation of lands that for years remained idle, even when a part was delivered to various producers as usufruct.

This was verified by Juan José Guerra Rivero, delegate of the sector in Tierra del Gallo, who explained that it is a question of taking advantage of each available piece of land to produce the food that the people need, for which the interested young people will be prioritized because they constitute the future of our country.

He added that the few resources available to the municipality will be delivered to the most efficient producers, always with the aim of recovering the sector and raising production levels as demanded by the growing needs of the population, but without forgetting that the established mechanism is directed to ensure sales to the state.

In this way, the agricultural sector in the municipality of Morón begins to apply concrete measures aimed at producing more food in the search for food sovereignty that the country needs, based on its own resources and especially the effort and contribution of all. the moroneros

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