Llamil ruiz gonzalez

Although many of the 43 measures aimed at strengthening the socialist state company have not yet been applied, mainly for reasons beyond the control of managers and other workers, the Rensol Renewable Energy Company, from the Avilanian municipality of Morón, closed the year 2022 with favorable results.

The sales plan of 16 million pesos, between productions and services, was exceeded 101 percent with profits that exceeded four million pesos.

In the previous calendar, Rensol’s attention to the Oncology and Men’s Medicine rooms of the Roberto Rodríguez general teaching hospital and to district 30 of the Popular Council of the Homeland stands out, as well as the lease of the El Carmen organoponic to increase the availability of foods.

Despite the favorable scenario that the company presents today, they advocate certifying its accounting, increasing the presence of young people in management positions, creating an innovation incubator aimed at solving the technological problems that affect the country, and improving the coverage of the workforce. through proposals that manage to prevail over the competition that tourism and the non-state sector presuppose.

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