Llamil Ruiz González

There are many challenges ahead of the Turiguanó Genetic Livestock Company in order to overcome the year 2022, during which the profit levels of previous years were not reached, although the economic balance was positive with profitability parameters that exceed the management of many other companies.

According to the declarations of Luis Alberto Nieves Surí, general director of the entity, for the coming year they will focus on preserving and recovering the Santa Gertrudis breed, emphasizing the growth of the herd, increasing savings measures and creating better conditions for the animals, which includes planting protein plants.

At the same time, it is planned to clean up the marabou-infected areas, improve the living, food and transport conditions of the workers, diversify production with emphasis on various crops and small livestock, open new production lines in the meat mix and improve marketing policies

At present, the quality and efficiency with which the workers of the Turiguanó Genetic Livestock Company assume their productions, the constant concern for the use of renewable energies and their invaluable contribution to the national economy make this entity a model of the company socialist state.

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