Hector Izquierdo Acuña

Excellent results are achieved by the University Chair for the Elderly and its Living and Aging Project to the full, attached to the Benito Llanes Recino Municipal University Center, in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, work that intensifies when the current calendar ends.

The Master of Science Neicy Pérez Hernández, head of the university extension group, commented that at this time the work is more intense, and exemplifies the actions that have been carried out, since July, in the local prison, which has been renewing and widely accepted by those confined there.

We have created a literary workshop, because we learned that there are many who have an inclination for writing, as well as painting, so that every Tuesday, in addition to giving self-care workshops, we work with young people at risk, Neicy commented.

Likewise, the usual groups are maintained at the Casa de la Cultura Haydee Santamaría, the Humedal Grande Park project with the elderly who develops multiple activities on a weekly basis to improve the quality of life of this population, said Pérez Hernández.

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