LLamil Ruiz González

The Biofood Research Center, CIBA, an institution located in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, offers scientific-technical services to companies inside and outside the territory, which includes the so-called environmental diagnoses, a necessity for these entities not only in their interaction with the environment but also for its organic functioning and as a guarantee of the efficiency of its processes.

However, according to the Master of Science Vania Vidal Olivera, head of the Environmental Management Department of the scientific institution, the acceptance of these studies by many managers is not the most appropriate, which calls into question the need to apply the advances in science and technology as demanded by the top management of the country.

According to Vidal Olivera’s statements, the misunderstandings have not only been related to the development of environmental diagnoses and the application of the results obtained, but also to the establishment of contractual relationships and the payment of services.

It is an extremely difficult scenario to understand because it is based on attitudes, irresponsibility and even incompetence that must be eliminated in the shortest possible time if a better future is actually aspired to in which science, technology and innovation play a leading role. .

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