Héctor Izquierdo Acuña

The strengthening and reinforcing of the work of the delegate, the confidence in the Cuban political system and the management of Popular Power, are part of the strategy of the Municipal Assembly, of the municipality of Morón, in Avila, to guarantee its continuous improvement.

In this sense, actions such as participating and verifying the implementation and compliance of the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030, are part of the activities carried out.

Likewise, it is proposed to improve the functioning of the system of organs of Popular Power, through discussion in the sessions of the Municipal Assembly, as well as at all levels in the country, of issues of importance and priority for the population based on compliance. of the Constitution of the Republic.

It is important to renew the methods and style of work, for which it is necessary to strengthen the leadership of the municipal assemblies, through links with the delegates and the population.

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