Carmen Curbeira Calvo

The Federation of Cuban Women, FMC, in the Avilanian municipality of Morón draws up an Action Plan to respond to the Prevention and Confrontation of human trafficking and the protection of victims until 2030.

The actions and activities include socializing protocols for the detection of possible victims, promoting and supporting investigations with a gender perspective on the incidence of human trafficking in Cuba, training of FMC directors at all levels and the improvement of the statistics compiled by the Guidance Centers for Women and the Family.

Also continue working and articulating actions with other entities related to the issue, in coordination with the courts, appoint a social worker for each woman declared a victim of human trafficking, take the issue to family education schools and improve support for families and the victims.

The need to integrate this and other plans and achieve the necessary critical route on the path of care for victims of trafficking and other forms of violence is urgent, as well as training on these issues with jurists, and contribute to raising the legal culture of the Moronense population.

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