Hector Izquierdo Acuña

The distribution of vegetables to the prioritized education and health centers is a priority task for the workers of the Centro organic farm, in the Avilanian city of Morón, who work with the purpose of guaranteeing the planned supply levels.

For such purposes they dedicate 30 percent of the crops, and the rest is destined for sale to the population, an option from which their workers benefit as they are covered by the leasing modality.

For the upcoming Cold Season, they have planted several species of vegetables, such as Swiss chard, joint garlic, watercress, celery, beetroot and cucumber, among other varieties.

The Center has 169 flowerbeds, of which 42 are semi-protected crops, and its group is characterized by donations to centers such as the Maternity Home of that town, which has seen its needs for fresh vegetables, of great importance for the diet, guaranteed. of pregnant women.

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