LLamil Ruiz González

There are several strategies followed by Avilanian scientists to achieve five kilograms per capita of meat, an objective for which the country is working and in which the Creole pig recovery project currently led by the Biofood Research Center occupies a place of the highest order.

This was announced by specialists from this Avilanian scientific institution, who assured that the results obtained in previous years, which include the irradiation of genetic material to several private producers through the sale of breeding stock, contribute to the fulfillment of this objective.

The researchers point out that the crossing of the Criollo pig with that of the Duroc breed is also planned, in order to obtain a hybrid with the advantages of the former in terms of feeding and adaptation to the most adverse environmental conditions, with rapid growth and quality. of the meat of the second.

They are well-defined purposes that are already taking shape in the scientific events of Tierra del Gallo, a panorama that should have repercussions in the short and medium terms in the recovery of the country and the feeding of the people in the midst of the conditions that the international situation has imposed.

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