Carlos G. Gonzalez Ruiz

Félix beach, located in the popular council of Turiguanó, to the north of the Avilanian municipality of Morón, becomes the main attraction of the summer in the territory, with a good influx of people and an acceptable level of gastronomic offers, with greater prominence on weekends.

Similarly, in the city now for children, the Luís Alfonso Velázquez Flores amusement park is a unique attraction, whose reopening last Saturday for Fidel’s 96th birthday has aroused enormous interest.

This summer, the El Embarcadero pool and the La Atarraya gastronomic complex also stand out, with multiple options in its different areas, including the canal area, which, due to its exuberant nature, also invites you to spend some time under the trees.

In Morón, the network of restaurants, the area of ​​the Palmares La Redonda branch and other options for self-employed workers with proposals accepted by the population are included.

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