LLamil Ruiz González

Specialists from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, CITMA, in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, advocate the promotion of local development projects in the cooperative and peasant sector in order to increase alternatives that pay directly to food production.

This was announced by the master’s degree in science Zulima Díaz Montes, CITMA representative in the territory, who pointed out that currently the projects directly related to the food sovereignty program are insufficient considering that Morón already has more than 70,000 inhabitants.

Díaz Montes explained that one of the leading organizations in this process is the Paquito Rosales Agricultural Production Cooperative, which has already presented a project for the processing of fruits and vegetables, for which they plan to start with tomatoes and mangoes, although there are possibilities that in the immediate future the raw materials are diversified.

The specialist called on the rest of the municipality’s agricultural production and credit and service cooperatives to join this important process and assured that those who do so will have the necessary training and support at all times in order to guarantee the success.

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