Hector Izquierdo Acuña.

Satisfactory results validate the experience of the Urban Basic Secondary School, ESBU, Roberto Rodríguez, in the Avilanian city of Morón, as part of the introduction of attractive methods in the teaching of history.

The director of the master center Rafael Macías Macías explained that the school carries out various actions with the aim that history is not only received through the class, and leaves the school, in visits to historical places and monuments, where it is appreciated the fighting spirit that characterizes the Cuban people.

Likewise, a circle of interest in local history was created, an activity that enables knowledge of the most important events in the territory, as well as the personalities who at the time made their contribution to the freedom of Cuba, both during the wars of independence and in the insurrectionary struggle, he commented.

During several courses, history has been introduced in all the actions of the Cuban adolescent in the complex times that run, as a fundamental pillar to guarantee the continuity of the Revolution, and it is the essence of what we form today in the new generations, Macías Macías pointed out.

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