Author: Leonel Iparraguirre González
March 2, 2021

The work undertaken by Raimundo Morgado Martín, “A” mechanic for air equipment, at the Enrique Varona Railway Workshops in Morón was highlighted by the railway management of this province, where his contribution for 40 uninterrupted years is highlighted.

Tania González Sosa, director of the entity, highlighted that with her daily work, Morgado Martín guarantees the repair of the equipment of the air brake systems, both for cars and passenger train locomotives throughout the province.

This outstanding innovative mechanic is currently working on the repair of a compressor that in the next few days will be ready to be incorporated into the braking system of the 50 902 locomotive of the Empresa Centro de los Ferrocarriles de Cuba.

In the Morón Railway Workshops, there is an important innovative movement, which enables the operation of the fleet of locomotives, cars and wagons, currently limited by the epidemiological conditions that affect the country.