By Leonel Iparraguirre González

Intensive work is deployed by forces from the Morón Community Services Unit, in cleaning and collecting solid waste, as part of the actions that are undertaken in the territory in the fight against the coronavirus.

The sweeping of streets, green areas, parks and waste collection in the shortest possible time, are commitments in which workers in this sector strive, with the help of garbage collection carts and other means put at the service of this objective .

A call has been made to the population to avoid the dumping of solid waste outside the planned places, to eliminate micro-dumps, something that has proliferated in recent times in the urban perimeter when an offensive is undertaken to maintain the sanitation of the city .

Not in all areas of the territory, conscious action is taken in this important effort, when the municipality has been declared in a Limited Autochthonous Transmission Phase, due to the high number of existing infections, despite the fact that the population itself criticizes the unfavorable situation that prevails in the town, with the stagnation of garbage dumps, together with the overflow of sewage waters, among other inconsistencies.