Leonel Iparraguirre González

The candidates for deputies to the National Assembly of Popular Power, Arnaldo Rodríguez Romero and Mayelín Luis Pérez continue their tour of different places in the municipality of Morón in Ciego de Avila and hold exchanges with students, workers and the general population.

One of the places where the candidates arrived was the Tuero community, El Vaquerito Popular Council, where they visited the Yambambó project, where they received detailed information about this Fanm Zetwal community socio-cultural project, where “El Talismán” played the tumbadoras of the voodoo ritual

On their tour of the municipality, they also visited other objectives of that ‘Popular Council, where its president, Tania Benítez, offered them an overview of the actions to be undertaken for the benefit of that community.

Arnaldo and Mayelín visited the José Maceo High School in the town of Patria, where they also exchanged with students and teachers and sang one of his applauded melodies for them.

In each place visited, the candidates have received expressions of joy and support, as an expression of sympathy for the elections scheduled for Sunday, March 26.

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