Héctor izquierdo Acuña

The total coverage of the medical and nursing staff in all the Family Doctor’s Offices, in the Avilanian territory of Morón, and compliance with the established schedules, are part of the actions aimed at improving the health indicators of that town.

The systematic work of the different Basic Work Groups, GBT, towards the locations furthest away from the health centers, in the assessment of all the dispensary groups, contributes to achieving better results in the indicators in relation to the previous calendar.

It is especially relevant in the case of support for the Maternal and Child Program, PAMI, and it has been possible to maintain continuous assessment in the Polyclinics with comprehensive evaluation consultations for all pregnant women and children.

This is closely linked to the Family Medicine Program, which contributes, to a great extent, to bringing universal and free coverage of health services, and that in each neighborhood or community there is at least one doctor and one nurse willing to improve the health of the people

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