Llamil Ruiz González

In order to develop the leisure industry in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, it is essential to protect each of the natural resources available to this territory, especially the extensive areas of the Great Northern Wetland of Ciego de Ávila, including the La Leche and La Redonda lagoons.

This is the opinion of Hibo Brito González, a professor at the Benito Llanes Recino Municipal University Center, in Ciudad del Gallo, who for years has become a defender of this premise, an imperative for the so-called industry without chimneys, given that these ecosystems are the base of the tourism that today is promoted in the north of Avila.

Despite this call, for Brito González there are still many problems that affect the integrity of these extensive areas, and that endanger not only tourism development in the medium and long term, but even our own security given the protection offered by the wetland against extreme weather events such as high intensity hurricanes.

Protecting nature should therefore become a priority for both legal and natural persons, and in this battle, the role of governments is decisive in terms of enforcing a law that advocates for our own survival, although even today we are not capable of to understand it.

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